Definition of kiss something to make it better in English:

kiss something to make it better


  • Comfort a sick or injured person, especially a child, by kissing the sore or injured part of their body as a gesture of removing pain.

    • ‘Rob and I thought we were going to grow old together and even now, when the children fall down, I can hear him offering to kiss them better.’
    • ‘When they trip over their own feet, get tangled in a skipping rope or fall off their bike, their parents kiss it better and utter the well-worn phrase ‘You'll live’.’
    • ‘I'd kiss his graze better… and it always worked.’
    • ‘He is looking all of 11 years old now and I almost want to sit him on my knee and kiss his finger better.’
    • ‘Do you recall the soothing touch of your mother, brushing away your tears and kissing it better?’
    • ‘I picked up her hand, guessed at what might have been the injured finger, and kissed it better.’
    • ‘In the Forman kitchen, Fez sits on the counter while Kitty puts a band-aid on his knee, then kisses it better.’
    • ‘Remember when we were kids, that scrape, when Mummy / Daddy rubbed it and kissed it better, the pain went away and all was well.’
    • ‘In the end, having been saved, the child bandages dad's cuts and kisses them better.’
    • ‘He tried to fix my toe and kissed it better.’