Definition of kiss the rod in English:

kiss the rod


  • Accept punishment submissively.

    • ‘Better on this occasion to kiss the rod than try to dodge the issue.’
    • ‘If you have - go - retire into silent obscurity, and kiss the rod that scourges you.’
    • ‘I have reason to speak much of His goodness, and to kiss the rod, for it was sweetened with abundant mercies.’
    • ‘Thus rebuffed, he kissed the rod to the extent of asking the Committee what sort of proposal it would endorse.’
    • ‘Though physically robust, he never rebelled against his superiors, and kissed the rod of contempt with the exemplary meekness of a Christian.’
    • ‘But he soon perceived that, if the people were oppressed, they kissed the rod of the oppressor, as they gave no signs of rising.’
    • ‘So now I hope you are properly scolded, and having kissed the rod, like a good disciple, are taking seriously to your task.’
    • ‘It is a source of satisfaction that she has not shut her eyes to the prime cause of these dispensations - that she has seen and kissed the rod in the hands of the Almighty.’
    • ‘If you are unable to believe in this exclusive, tyrannous god, to bend the knee and kiss the rod - you'll burn in hell for all eternity.’
    • ‘You will thank me and kiss the rod.’