Definition of kissing bug in English:

kissing bug


  • A bloodsucking North American assassin bug which can inflict a painful bite on humans and often attacks the face.

    ‘Flying adult kissing bugs are mainly seen during the months of May and June in the greater Tucson area.’
    • ‘At night, the kissing bug ventures forth in search of a blood meal, which may be a sleeping pet or human.’
    • ‘Usually the bite from the kissing bug is on the lips, eyelids or ears of sleeping victims and is painless.’
    • ‘The kissing bug does not pass the parasite to victims through its bite, but through its excrement.’
    • ‘Like a mosquito, the kissing bug can get a good dinner by preventing the human blood in the vein from clotting.’


kissing bug

/kisiNG bəɡ/ /kɪsɪŋ bəɡ/