Definition of kissing disease in English:

kissing disease


  • A disease transmitted by contact with infected saliva, especially infectious mononucleosis.

    • ‘Spread by saliva, the energy-sapping state is also known as the kissing disease.’
    • ‘Say hello to glandular fever, infectious mononucelosis, kissing disease.’
    • ‘They call it the kissing disease because that's a pretty damn easy way to get someone else's spit in your head.’
    • ‘We know that it's often called the ‘kissing disease,’ and that people who have it sleep a lot.’
    • ‘I know that mono has always been called ‘the kissing disease,’ so my question to you is, what are the chances that my son will also come down with mono?’


kissing disease

/kisiNG dəˈzēz/ /kɪsɪŋ dəˈziz/