Definition of kit fox in English:

kit fox

Pronunciation /kit fäks/ /kɪt fɑks/


  • A small nocturnal fox with a yellowish-gray back and large, close-set ears, found in the deserts and plains of the southwestern US.

    Vulpes macrotis, family Canidae

    ‘They became the first naturalists to describe several animals, including the coyote, kit fox, Oregon bobcat and the wolf of the plains.’
    • ‘A kit fox family alone may use up to 50 burrows in a season, moving its young every few days.’
    • ‘California's third largest forest is home to more than 20 threatened and endangered species, such as the San Joaquin kit fox, the hybrid blunt-nosed leopard lizard and the California condor.’
    • ‘Twenty threatened or endangered species make their home there, including the peregrine falcon and San Joaquin kit fox.’
    • ‘Tracks of kit foxes and coyotes commonly crisscross the wash bottoms; the hoof marks of collared peccaries are often stamped over everything.’


Early 19th century kit probably from kit (because of its small size).