Definition of kiva in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkēvə/ /ˈkivə/


  • A chamber, built wholly or partly underground, used by male Pueblo Indians for religious rites.

    • ‘Tensions worsened when Spanish soldiers under Governor Juan Francisco Trevino sacked the Pueblos' sacred kivas.’
    • ‘Intriguing acoustic effects have also been noted at sites in the Americas, from Anasazi kivas in New Mexico, to Chichen Itza on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.’
    • ‘Pueblo kivas were built long before the Catholics came.’
    • ‘Several years ago, we built an outdoor celebration circle in the shape of a pueblo kiva where we begin the Easter sunrise services.’
    • ‘By 450 AD they were making pottery, and by 700-900 great kivas (round ceremonial chambers) were being built.’


Late 19th century from Hopi kíva.



/ˈkēvə/ /ˈkivə/