Definition of klebsiella in English:



  • A bacterium which causes respiratory, urinary, and wound infections.

    Genus Klebsiella; nonmotile Gram-negative rods

    ‘He feels an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, which allows klebsiella bacteria to enter the blood stream, is the main culprit.’
    • ‘Legal action against the Department of Health was being considered by many of the parents of the babies who died in an outbreak of klebsiella at the hospital, an attorney said yesterday.’
    • ‘Recent tests have proved that nano-processed fabric is able to drain away some 96 per cent of escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae.’



/ˌklebzēˈelə/ /ˌklɛbziˈɛlə/ /ˌklepsēˈelə/ /ˌklɛpsiˈɛlə/


Modern Latin, from the name Klebs (see Klebs–Löffler bacillus).