Definition of kleptocracy in English:


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Pronunciation /ˌklepˈtäkrəsē/ /ˌklɛpˈtɑkrəsi/


See kleptocrat

‘Then the country's emergent civil society collapsed beneath post-communist repression and the kleptocracy of regional robber barons.’
  • ‘It is ruled by a corrupt kleptocracy of aristocrats who use their control of state monopolies and even the tax system to enrich themselves at the public's expense.’
  • ‘The antidote to kleptocracy is the age-old story of democratic struggle.’
  • ‘But how many billions in foreign aid have been wasted over the decades due to the grandiose projects and corruption of dictatorships and kleptocracies?’
  • ‘But, as we have seen with Russia, if the ethical basis of free markets degenerates sufficiently, all that we have left is a form of kleptocracy.’



/ˌklepˈtäkrəsē/ /ˌklɛpˈtɑkrəsi/