Definition of klick in English:



(also click)
  • A kilometer.

    • ‘about 200 klicks northwest of Moscow’
    • ‘James provided Roger with cover, excluding all enemy fighters within three klicks.’
    • ‘When he was one klick away, a message came through.’
    • ‘By the odometer it's about 1.5 kilometres, or half a klick shorter than the other route, which ends up in the same place, but approaches it from the north.’
    • ‘It was about 20 klicks away and the jeep was closing at about 200 KPH.’
    • ‘The package store he hit was in Jackson Corner, not ten klicks from where we sit.’
    • ‘Yesterday I collected the car from Eblens and off I drove, all pristine and only 16 klicks on the dial.’
    • ‘And unless you've suddenly developed the ability to read minds from thirty klicks off, I'm pretty sure you don't know either.’
    • ‘Almost exactly three klicks after that, Howard found the second intersection, marked by a sign, and turned north onto a rutted, unpaved road.’
    • ‘He said that the nest was at an old church up river about twenty klicks from here.’
    • ‘Karl gunned the LTD, quickly accelerating to a hundred and twenty klicks, and disappeared around a curve.’
    • ‘They had been dropped off a few klicks from the city gates.’
    • ‘Drew only lived a few klicks away so she was going to walk.’
    • ‘I made camp several klicks further down the river valley.’
    • ‘Altitude continued to drop, below 5,000, the airspeed at just over 700 klicks.’
    • ‘Karl followed the pair, speeding up to forty klicks when the trail led onto a dirt road.’
    • ‘The war seemed distant at that moment, as the sun sank before me, casting a rich amber light on the rooftops of a small cluster of buildings half a klick ahead.’



/klik/ /klɪk/


1960s of unknown origin; the term was originally used in the Vietnam War.