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informal mainly North American
  • A clumsy, awkward, or foolish person.

    • ‘I hate to tell you this dearie, but Cody's always been a bit of a clumsy klutz.’
    • ‘My mom was upset, but Kim and I started giggling because we know we're both such klutzes.’
    • ‘Almost fell in Dunkin’ Donuts because the silver sandals are slippery and I'm a klutz.’
    • ‘There's a way to do this if you're real careful and delicate with the controls but I'm your basic klutz and what I keep doing is hitting the buttons wrong and losing my place.’
    • ‘I didn't even care when, in my lifelong battle with being a klutz, I dropped the scoop of ice cream off my ice cream cone on the way back to the car.’
    • ‘Many people who are lifestyle athletes as adults were ‘the skinny kids ‘or the klutzes in school.’’
    • ‘The machine was sturdily built, and was designed to withstand kids, klutzes, messy accidents, and just about anything that might occur in the average American home.’
    • ‘And it does it all so seamlessly that it saves lead-footed klutzes like me from all manner of problems without my even knowing it.’
    • ‘I stumbled back holding my head and immediately tripped backwards over a chair, which I swear was strategically placed there to make me look like a bigger klutz than I already did.’
    • ‘You see, I am a bit of a klutz when it comes to the kitchen, and at dinner-parties and family gatherings am usually demoted to corkscrew attendant so I can't get my hands on anything other people might have to eat.’
    • ‘She's cute, and a klutz, she has a way of making everyone around her laugh.’
    • ‘All your friends and colleagues know what a klutz you are, and no matter how careful you are whenever you eat or drink something, you still manage to stain your clothes on a regular basis.’
    • ‘John still thinks I'm the biggest klutz to walk the earth.’
    • ‘Now, you have to understand, Alaia has always been a klutz.’
    • ‘Allen is a complete klutz when it comes to women and relationships.’
    • ‘Her friend had a well-earned reputation as a klutz, and over the years’
    • ‘For 10 weeks you wander around feeling like a newbie, if not a complete klutz, then much to your surprise, people start asking you for advice.’
    • ‘I freely admit that I'm a klutz when it comes to sharpening knives.’
    • ‘She fell to the ground, probably looking like a complete klutz.’
    • ‘He had even grabbed a plate before it fell from her hands while clearing the table, and hadn't made any smart comments about her being a klutz.’
    oaf, ape, blunderer, bungler, hulk
    fool, idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
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1930s from Yiddish klots ‘wooden block’.