Definition of knackwurst in English:


(also knockwurst)


mass noun
  • A type of short, fat, highly seasoned German sausage.

    • ‘The traditional German restaurant, serving schnitzel, bratwurst, knackwurst, sauerbraten, and large quantities of beer, is rapidly disappearing in Germany.’
    • ‘For a cheap snack, sausage sandwiches with knackwurst sell for $5.45.’
    • ‘Spaghetti from Italy, sushi from Japan, egg rolls from China, knockwurst from Germany, burritos from Mexico are offered side by side as typical foods of choice.’
    • ‘But we'd return for the ‘fat dog,’ a terrific char-grilled knockwurst served with sweet-potato fries.’
    • ‘The sausage had a taste that was very ‘central European,’ resembling a knackwurst, though there were some elements of chorizo flavour in there as well.’


German, from knacken ‘make a cracking noise’ + Wurst ‘sausage’.