Definition of knee breeches in English:

knee breeches

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plural noun

  • Short trousers worn by men and fastened at or just below the knee.

    ‘Although aristocrats tended to favor powdered hair and tight-fitting knee breeches in the old style, most middle-class men wore trousers or pantaloons and kept their hair in a natural style.’
    • ‘He wore a tall black hat trimmed with gold braid, a black swallow tail coat with a white silk lining, white knee breeches and black, silver buckled shoes.’
    • ‘Visiting Americans have always found it rather charming that public buildings are guarded by a man dressed in knee breeches and silk stockings armed with a sword, rather than a burly soldier in full body armour carrying an assault rifle.’


knee breeches

/nē ˈbriCHiz/ /ni ˈbrɪtʃɪz/ /ˈbrēCHiz/ /ˈbritʃɪz/