Definition of kneeboarding in English:



See kneeboard

  • ‘How do you feel about the obvious, insurmountable differences in performance that exist between bodysurfing and the much faster, more maneuverable kneeboarding or body boarding?’
  • ‘Without this magazine we'd have to think bodyboarding as a sport could be headed the way of serious bodysurfing or even kneeboarding.’
  • ‘But, all too often, it is used as a stepping stone to conventional skis or wakeboarding and the skill of kneeboarding is taken no further.’
  • ‘For recreation I like all kinds of sports including skateboarding, rollerblading, water skiing and kneeboarding.’
  • ‘We'd planned to test out the motor which I just had overhauled and if all went well to do some tubing, kneeboarding, and skiing.’