Definition of knitting machine in English:

knitting machine

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  • A machine with a bank of needles on which garments can be knitted.

    ‘The company is investing in the latest #150,000 knitting machines that can produce single-piece jerseys in short runs for the very top end of the market.’
    • ‘On leaving school, Marjorie worked in several houses in the area before joining a small business in Twyford, where she became a skilled operator on the new knitting machines.’
    • ‘Today the firm has approximately 100 knitting machines, and continues to add more.’
    • ‘He bought a knitting machine and worked from his parents' house.’
    • ‘Audrey got a job in the hosiery mill and earned $6 a week learning to use the knitting machine.’


knitting machine

/ˈnidiNG məˌSHēn/ /ˈnɪdɪŋ məˌʃin/