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knitting needle

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  • A long, thin, pointed rod used as part of a pair for knitting by hand.

    ‘Yes, it really did only take one day to knit but I have to confess that considering it was knitted on 15 mm knitting needles and the yarn was super super chunky it's no wonder it knit up so quick.’
    • ‘The desk surface still held stacks of books, papers, magazines, a basket of yarn and knitting needles, and a half-finished piece of needlework.’
    • ‘‘People don't seem to realise how dangerous knitting needles are, and passengers continue to try and bring them on board,’ said a spokesperson.’
    • ‘In addition to coffee, tea and snacks, this café has shelves of yarn that fill up one side of the shop and a rack of knitting needles on the other wall.’
    • ‘Beside the desk was a basket full of knitting needles and yarn.’


knitting needle

/ˈnidiNG ˌnēdl/ /ˈnɪdɪŋ ˌnidl/