Definition of knoblike in English:



See knob

‘Woolly mammoths grew to about the size of present-day Asiatic elephants, possessed warm coats consisting of long, brown guard hairs and soft underwool, large curved ivory tusks, and knob-like heads.’
  • ‘One end of the receptor cell extends to the epithelium where it forms a knob-like projection with cilia protruding from it; the other end of the receptor cell connects to a neuron.’
  • ‘In some taxa the bill has a conspicuous horny or fleshy knob-like projection.’
  • ‘It was her gently splayed fingers that first drew my attention to her hands, long pallid fingers curving to knob-like ends.’
  • ‘It is studded with knob-like tubercles and is unique in having huge folds of skin at its joints and great rolls at the neck.’