Definition of knock off in English:

knock off

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phrasal verb

  • Stop work.

    • ‘The typical Australian working day starts in the sunshine at 8am, and shortly after everyone knocks off at 4pm, the parks will be full of men chucking a ball about until the sun goes down.’
    • ‘They worked on the project three or four afternoons a week, knocking off around five to drink beer and talk.’
    • ‘Why can't they have patrols instead of knocking off from work early in the day.’
    • ‘After a frantic week at work I am planning on knocking off a little early today.’
    • ‘I think I'll knock off for the day and have a nice cup of coffee.’
    stop work, finish work, finish working, clock off, close shop, shut down, leave work, finish the working day
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