Definition of knock someone's socks off in English:

knock someone's socks off

(also blow someone's socks off)


  • Amaze or impress someone.

    • ‘this dish will knock your socks off!’
    • ‘The other kind of trailer is the one that knocks your socks off, stands your hair on end, sears the retina and leaves you gasping.’
    • ‘I just had one solo, so I blew some real good blues notes and knocked their socks off.’
    • ‘Chairman of the school's governors, Dave Waters said: ‘It has just knocked my socks off - we expected around 70 per cent in our favour - but 98 per cent is just unbelievable.’’
    • ‘I found each of these films individually wonderful, but together, they just knocked my socks off.’
    • ‘I'm also trying to put together a new site design using the latest whizzy web technology that'll knock your socks off and turn the blog-design world on its head.’
    • ‘I have discovered a drummer that will knock your socks off, his name is Carl Hupp.’
    • ‘With reds, you can go from a light, easy-drinking variety to a full-bodied wine that can knock your socks off!’
    • ‘Go in as a temp, knock their socks off - and who knows, you might find the job of your dreams right there.’
    • ‘The salesman, referring to the just-invented diesel tractor, said, ‘I'm here to tell you about a machine that will knock your socks off.’’
    • ‘So starting with our September / October issue, we will present a four-part series on training that I'm positive will knock your socks off.’