Definition of knock someone down in English:

knock someone down

(also knock someone over)

phrasal verb

  • (especially of a vehicle) strike or collide with someone so as to cause them to fall to the ground.

    ‘I was nearly knocked down by a bus’
    • ‘The pedestrian went over the bonnet of a car after she was knocked down by a driver who had taken his friend's vehicle, the court was told.’
    • ‘The two boys jumped on him and knocked him down to the carpeted floor.’
    • ‘A villager managed to film the attack before he was knocked down, his camera smashed and his arm broken.’
    • ‘A child who was standing by the roadside with his mother also died after he was knocked down by one of the vehicles.’
    • ‘My five-year-old daughter was nearly knocked down by a man driving a van and chatting on the phone.’
    fell, floor, flatten, bring down, prostrate, topple, knock to the ground, throw to the ground, rugby-tackle
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