Definition of knock something up in English:

knock something up

phrasal verb

  • 1British Make something in a hurry.

    • ‘OK the bar man didn't know what a Singapore Sling was but he still managed to improvise and knock something up for us.’
    • ‘I don't think I have ever seen a film shot entirely with a hand-held camera that didn't feel as if it had been knocked up over the weekend for 300 quid.’
    • ‘I'll knock something up about Solaris if you want; it's all I've seen of Tarkovsky so far, but it's marvellous.’
    • ‘So anyway I texted this bird called Blánaid and asked her would she like, write something and she's like, ‘Sure, no problem, I'll knock something up for you.’’
    • ‘Top site of the day has to be the license plate maker over at, which knocks up American car license plates (hence the spelling) from any state and any year, with whatever you want them to say.’
    • ‘Britain's top food writer knocks up a quick cassoulet, plus dishes for vegetarians’
    • ‘Bea's supreme of chicken with wild mushroom risotto was, she declared, something she could have knocked up in 10 minutes at home.’
    • ‘While chatting with me, Kumar knocked up a delicious meal for six in my less than state-of-the-art kitchen.’
    • ‘From time to time Harry might benefit from knocking up simple but wholesome meals based on fresh produce such as organic meat or fish with some fresh vegetables.’
    make quickly, put together quickly, prepare hastily, build rapidly, whip up, rig up, jerry-build, throw together, cobble together, improvise, devise, contrive
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  • 2Cricket
    Score runs rapidly.

    • ‘In first class games, Harvey has knocked up 5,745 runs with nine centuries and 32 half-centuries and has captured 332 wickets.’
    • ‘Durham are proving to be this summer's surprise package and there was no doubting their superiority as they bowled out Yorkshire for 205 after knocking up 256 for four.’
    • ‘The former Nottinghamshire player took three for 60 off 18 overs as Mirfield knocked up 194.’
    • ‘Waugh hit six fours and one six in his innings, knocking up his 38th test half-century in the process.’
    • ‘He is certainly capable of knocking up two or three centuries and that will do Yorkshire and himself a power of good.’
    achieve, attain, accomplish, gain, win, succeed in making, reach, make, get, obtain
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