Definition of know better than in English:

know better than


  • Be wise or polite enough to avoid doing a particular thing.

    ‘you ought to know better than to ask that’
    • ‘The 55-year-old veteran of the international scene knows better than to expect instant success.’
    • ‘He knows better than to ask me if I've had a nice day when I get home from work or whether the children have been good while he's been out.’
    • ‘Experienced political campaigners know better than to argue with a tough minded person like yourself.’
    • ‘Intelligent women know better than to fall for such cleverly camouflaged spiel.’
    • ‘You should know better than to put thoughts and criticism in people's minds.’
    • ‘Mr Bradbury said people should know better than to start any sort of fire within a forest, even if they thought it was only an old tree trunk.’
    • ‘It would be easy to dismiss Elizabeth as a weak woman who should know better than to put up with her husband's bullying and violence.’
    • ‘Most seasoned travellers know better than to judge a country by its approach to visa applications.’
    • ‘He, of all people should know better than to park illegally in a disabled space and deserves no sympathy whatsoever.’
    • ‘I should know better than to mix alcohol, it's always a bit of a mistake.’