Definition of know one's own mind in English:

know one's own mind


  • Be decisive and certain.

    • ‘It's been an eye-opener for the whole family, but she's 20 years old, she knows her own mind and she can make her own decisions.’
    • ‘In Russia he also has a reputation as a coach who knows his own mind and is not afraid to speak it, something which has not always pleased his club presidents.’
    • ‘We like Ken, he knows his own mind and never panders to the media or the public.’
    • ‘The ‘adult’ approach is for the parent to deal with the child as a mature individual capable of knowing their own mind.’
    • ‘Although his reputation is that of a man who knew and knows his own mind, he was also a team player, a characteristic which is essential for success in intelligence.’
    • ‘She knows her own mind and speaks it without constraint.’
    • ‘You think I'm not old enough to know my own mind?’
    • ‘The last thing I need is a boyfriend who doesn't know his own mind.’
    • ‘They liked a king who ruled with confidence, and knew his own mind.’
    • ‘She admonished him gently with the news that she was a grown woman and knew her own mind.’
    • ‘I know many of you think it is a waste of time but I think it will be one of the best days of our lives.’