Definition of know the score in English:

know the score


  • Be aware of the essential facts about a situation.

    • ‘he had already appeared in a dozen films, and knew the score before he reached Hollywood’
    • ‘You know the score - in fact, the movie plays out like a cross between The Outsiders and Mean Streets, minus the former's style and the latter's smarts.’
    • ‘She's a great family pet at home but once at work she knows the score.’
    • ‘He added: ‘The jazz festival has been taking place for years and everyone knows the score.’’
    • ‘It says it has been inundated with complaints, and if the numbers below have appeared on your bill, don't bother contacting the regulator - it already knows the score.’
    • ‘He knows the score, but was given a graphic example on a cocoa farm in rural Ghana, during his personal odyssey into the African countryside.’
    • ‘If there's something going on in that crowded four blocks of shops and restaurants, he knows the score.’
    • ‘Every year thousands of kids make the leap from primary school to high school, leaving the relative comfort zone that comes from knowing the score.’
    • ‘I'm just trying to be prudent in a place where we don't know the score.’
    • ‘Most of our drivers have been here for years and they know the score; they wouldn't take someone in that state to the Bridge.’
    • ‘Everyone who used a computer before 1990 know the score with the forgeries.’