Definition of knuckle-dragger in English:



  • A stupid or loutish person.

    • ‘Just up the road, some mindless knuckle draggers have smashed up a bus stop.’
    • ‘There are also still some knuckle-draggers who think housework is women's stuff, an affront to their masculinity.’
    • ‘Rise debuts this month with a fat, full-colour mix of advice, service and fitness pieces for the knuckle-dragger closest to your heart.’
    • ‘I'm still not used to the idea of being seen with a knuckle-dragger in public.’
    • ‘Many fans have railed against the change, saying the series didn't need a new character, let alone a loudmouthed football-playing knuckle-dragger.’
    • ‘And I'm morally certain that none of the knuckle-draggers who called in ever read Free Republic.’
    • ‘But then, one hardly expects a bunch of inbred, bone-headed knuckle-draggers like them to grapple with significant theological issues.’
    • ‘But that didn't stop that knuckle-dragger from finding fault with the team's reaction.’
    • ‘He's just a knuckle dragger who should be on display in a museum somewhere.’
    • ‘It's easy to see why - the film offers little that its target audience of yahoos and knuckle-draggers can't find for free.’
    • ‘As demonic as they first appear, these knuckle-draggers quickly endear themselves to the audience as the ultimate underdogs.’
    • ‘Those Neanderthal knuckle-draggers known as bouncers are usually the least popular people at any gig.’
    • ‘The problem is that I expect racists to be knuckle-draggers, and he was anything but that.’
    • ‘There he saw a 6-foot, 5-inch knuckle-dragger of a man waving a gun and threatening to shoot three other guys.’
    • ‘Over the years I have seen a procession of these knuckle-draggers pass through and holding qualifications does not excuse one from this list.’
    • ‘There's a high street brand shop up the road that employs knuckle draggers who earn the same, and they can barely string two words together.’
    • ‘Beyond a small circle of knuckle draggers with a death wish, will aircraft-grade aluminum toboggans and such sell?’