Definition of Köchel number in English:

Köchel number

Pronunciation /ˈkərSHəl/ /ˈkərkəl/ /ˈkœKHəl/ /ˈkərʃəl nəmbər/


  • A number given to each of Mozart's compositions in the complete catalog of his works compiled by the Austrian scientist Ludwig von Köchel (1800–77) and his successors.

    • ‘That is why this concerto has a Köchel number.’
    • ‘Have you ever wondered who or what the Köchel number is when mentioned in association with Mozart?’
    • ‘The table below gives the Köchel numbers and composition dates of 10 of Mozart's works.’


Köchel number

/ˈkərSHəl/ /ˈkərkəl/ /ˈkœKHəl/ /ˈkərʃəl nəmbər/