Definition of koeksister in English:


(also koesister)


South African
  • A plaited doughnut dipped in syrup.

    • ‘The meal finishes with koeksisters, plaits of deep fried dough dipped in syrup.’
    • ‘And if the malva pudding isn't enough, diners can finally fill up on koeksisters and coffee.’
    • ‘Like a genuine bazaar, brötchens, sausage rolls, hotdogs, pancakes, hamburgers, koeksisters, boerewors and sosaties with various cakes and puddings will be served.’
    • ‘Why didn't they slap an injunction on samoosas, koeksisters, bobotie, braaivleis, witblits or mampoer while they were about it?’
    • ‘The hot fried koeksisters must be dropped into the cold syrup.’


From Afrikaans koe(k)sister, perhaps from koek ‘cake’ + sissen ‘to sizzle’.