Definition of koel in English:



  • An Asian and Australasian cuckoo with a call that resembles its name, the male typically having all-black plumage.

    Genus Eudynamys, family Cuculidae: one or two species, in particular E. scolopacea

    ‘Trying to make myself as small as I could, I slowly and quietly stalked the wild koel.’
    • ‘I heard the taunting whistle of the koel and I knew I was in a mango orchard.’
    • ‘As his voice resonated, mingling with the call of a distant koel, the mystery of the majestic edifice stood out.’
    • ‘This koel is not tame but you can get up quite close; if you're from the McCoffs area and thinking of seeing her, please don't get too close.’
    • ‘They went back to the refuge of their hole happy, for they had seen a few peacocks, a few koels and a flock of doves.’



/ˈkōəl/ /ˈkoʊəl/


Early 19th century from Hindi koël, from Sanskrit kokila in the same sense.