Definition of koepanger in English:



  • A person recruited from or through Kupang in West Timor to work in the pearling industry.

    ‘forward of the hold was the small fo'c'sle where the koepangers slept’
    • ‘"Something has miscarried, Puppa," murmured the koepanger uneasily.’
    • ‘Those at the bottom, especially the Malays, Koepangers and Filipinos, mixed more freely.’
    • ‘Of non-Europeans in Darwin, Koepangers were single men from Southeast Asia indentured to work on Japanese pearling boats off the coast of Darwin.’
    • ‘But steadily the stockpile on the beach began to grow and the two Koepangers hired as crew were kept busy.’
    • ‘From there I watched luggers coming in on the tide and dinghies bringing in piles of shell, with a Koepanger paddling in the stern.’
    • ‘Before the war we used to talk the Koepangers ' language on the boat.’
    • ‘That year, a riot broke out between the Japanese divers and the poorly paid koepangers who tended to comprise the crew.’


Early 20th century from Dutch Koepang ‘Kupang’.