Definition of kohen in English:


nounplural noun kohanim/kōˈhänim/ /ˌkôhäˈnēm/ , plural noun cohens

(also cohen)
  • A member of the priestly class, having certain rights and duties in the synagogue.

    ‘The elder of the town, Mattathias, who is a cohen, that is of the priestly class, refuses.’
    • ‘Some maintain that Elijah is a kohen, who will serve as the High Priest in the days of the Messiah, in the Third Temple.’
    • ‘It includes ritual handwashing of the kohanim by the levites.’
    • ‘In fact, the High Priest, whose role it was to preserve peace among the Jews and between God and His children below, was called a kohen.’
    • ‘If a cohen raises a boy as his son, the boy will not have the privileges nor the constraints of the priesthood.’



/ˈkō(ə)n/ /ˈkoʊ(ə)n/


From Hebrew, literally ‘priest’.