Definition of koi in English:


nounplural noun koi

(also koi carp)
  • A common carp of a large ornamental variety, originally bred in Japan.

    ‘There were also a few small carp and a couple of koi carp in the bag.’
    • ‘Compare those with neon tetras or Japanese koi.’
    • ‘Fairly recently I have been fishing fisheries in Devon that contain koi and ghost carp.’
    • ‘Generally, most goldfish and koi can survive in temperatures about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but consult with your fish provider regarding acclimation procedures.’
    • ‘Reclining on the futon, he gazes upon goldfish and koi swirling in the nearby pond and listens to softly falling water.’
    • ‘Goldfish, koi, and plants keep the water clean enough that filters do not have to be used.’
    • ‘I'll sit in my Japanese garden, watching my koi carp.’
    • ‘A friend of mine in Brixton kept koi carp in a raised toilet and this heron came straight in and ate the fish before you could say Jack Robinson.’
    • ‘I was really surprised to find that the fish included koi carp.’
    • ‘About 20 koi carp, worth more than £1, 000, were killed, and between 20 and 30 finches, canaries, waxbills and Java sparrows were allowed to escape.’
    • ‘Underneath the glassy ground were flickering shadows of fish, koi carp from what Kaiyo could see of their silhouettes, with luminescent lines along their sides like those of deep-water fish.’
    • ‘Yesterday we installed a small pump and fountain in the pond, much to the delight of the fish, who responded by showing much greater activity, taking their food with more enthusiasm and giving us some idea of the fun you can have with koi carp.’
    • ‘I love the palace gardens though, taking walks to the pagodas, over bridges spanning lakes full of koi carp and under cherry blossom trees.’
    • ‘Staff and children at Queen's Crescent School worked with local artist Su Briggs to make large sculptures of Chinese dragons, terracotta warriors and koi carp.’
    • ‘On Saturday Abby showed us the delights of Shingo town which included a tree that looked like a giant cotton bud, a massive waterwheel and some koi carp which Johanna tried to feed with a dead crab.’
    • ‘A pensioner who stole her neighbours' koi carp and fried them as they watched in horror was ordered to pay more than £10,000 in damages.’
    • ‘There were also some nice koi carp in his catches.’
    • ‘Clocks in every room are still ticking and three koi carp still swim in the garden pond, which overlooks peaceful Accrington countryside.’
    • ‘In one example, a man's koi carp were stolen from his garden.’
    • ‘But fish stocks, including expensive koi carp, did not perish because the tanks were covered.’



/koi/ /kɔɪ/


Early 18th century from Japanese, ‘carp’.