Definition of kolo in English:


nounplural noun kolos

  • A Slavic dance performed in a circle.

    ‘The popular kolo or circle dance is performed to the accompaniment of the tamburitsa, a traditional mandolin-like stringed instrument.’
    • ‘The nijemo kolo is a circle dance performed to foot stamping rather than music.’
    • ‘Serbian folk dances are called kolos, and are performed by professional troupes, or by guests at weddings and other special occasions.’
    • ‘Bosnian folk dances include the silent kolo (accompanied only by the sound of stomping feet and the clash of silver coins on the women's aprons).’
    • ‘On weekends we went to Tetka Dara's to dance the kolo and alternatively at Aunty Tulips we watched Bollywood movies of women in colourful costumes dancing around trees.’



/ˈkōlō/ /ˈkoʊloʊ/


Late 18th century Croatian, literally ‘wheel’.