Definition of komatiite in English:



mass nounGeology
  • A magnesium-rich extrusive rock, typically with a characteristic texture of criss-crossing olivine crystals.

    • ‘This rhythmic layering is common within komatiite flows at Kambalda, and is inferred to reflect incremental emplacement by endogenous growth.’
    • ‘The nature and distribution of vesicles in thick komatiite flows indicates two stages of vesiculation.’
    • ‘Alternative origins include secondary influx due to devolatization, physical incorporation, and/or thermal incorporation of sediment resulting from komatiite lava flow on hydrous sediments.’
    • ‘We have developed a mathematical model to evaluate the flow and erosional potential of submarine, channelized komatiite lavas at Kambalda, Western Australia.’


1960s from Komati(the name of a river in southern Africa) + -ite.