Definition of komatik in English:


Pronunciation /kōˈmadik/ /koʊˈmædɪk/


  • A sled drawn by dogs, used by the people of Labrador.

    ‘You can find modern racing sleds next to traditional Inuit komatiks, low-lying sleds where the musher simply packs his camping gear and sits down on top of it.’
    • ‘The spruce provided planks for boats, komatiks, and houses.’
    • ‘There were a lot of komatiks and a lot of dogs.’
    • ‘I loaded up my komatik with my gear, carefully placing the backup camera in the most secure position I could find.’
    • ‘We travel by komatik, which is a wooden sled lashed together and pulled behind a snowmobile.’


Early 19th century from Inuit qamutik.