Definition of kooky in English:


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adjectiveadjective kookier, adjective kookiest

  • Strange or eccentric.

    • ‘I like kooky foreign films’
    • ‘He'll probably say something kooky in his wacky language and then run off!’
    • ‘It seems Bennett was led down this road by a remarkably kooky caller.’
    • ‘And Ayesha, with her curious mix of rabid work ethic and kooky naivety, looks right at home here.’
    • ‘The kooky pair have been dating for less than a year, but Tom's recent health scare swiftly brought the two together.’
    • ‘But, I figure those two wonderful, kooky kids could hook her up with the best places to go for music and fun.’
    • ‘At best, O'Neill's kooky book is highly marginal; more reasonably judged, the book is a joke.’
    • ‘Its beauty lay in its other-worldliness, its tone of kooky mystery.’
    • ‘Either by accident or by design, Hawks created a rather kooky film instead of the hard-boiled movie that it pretends to be.’
    • ‘The kooky bird suits are heavily featured in the film's posters.’
    • ‘It seems like only yesterday that you were a kooky bunch of English kids with a funny logo, a taste for Marx and a fetish for vintage synthesizers.’
    • ‘The younger generation look plain kooky in their big black overcoats emblazoned with East German military memorabilia.’
    • ‘I knew they couldn't have been serious about that kooky plan.’
    • ‘It's a kooky film that should've been just a bit longer.’
    • ‘But I'm finally ready to deliver another once of those wonderfully kooky recaps you've all come to care so little about.’
    • ‘Following an onstage nervous breakdown, Bamford moves back to her cold and kooky family in Minnesota to get her head together.’
    • ‘The first message was from one of my roommate's kooky friends, so I turned up the volume.’
    • ‘She reckoned his kooky looks and responsive personality would make him the ideal house pet and, for four years, life was quiet.’
    • ‘Debate is stifled, and conservatives either go in the closet or get to be seen as slightly kooky.’
    • ‘Uderzo's kooky illustrations and funky fashion sense has contributed a lot to the Asterix charm.’
    • ‘And a lot of what they say makes sense to me, but some of it winds up sounding a little kooky.’
    unusual, irregular, unorthodox, unfamiliar, uncommon, uncustomary, unwonted, rare, out of the ordinary, atypical, singular, distinctive, individual, individualistic, free-spirited, alternative, different



/ˈko͞okē/ /ˈkuki/