Definition of kora in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkôrə/ /ˌkɔrə/


  • A West African musical instrument shaped like a lute, with 21 strings passing over a high bridge, and played like a harp.

    • ‘Despite opening with a kora, the arrangement stays quite close to the original.’
    • ‘North American jazz-derived bands have not shown much fascination with ouds, koras, and tablas.’
    • ‘Winners of the Kora awards, named after a West African stringed instrument, received cash prizes and a replica of a kora.’
    • ‘Every one of the 13 songs boasts a winning tune and there are subtle surprises everywhere, such as the kora on the glorious Adje Dad.’
    • ‘The traditional kora, a stringed calabash instrument, symbolizes the singing poet tradition in the country.’


Late 18th century a local word.



/ˈkôrə/ /ˌkɔrə/