Definition of Koranic in English:


(also Qur'anic, Quranic)

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Pronunciation /kəˈränik/ /kəˈrɑnɪk/


  • Relating to or contained in the Koran.

    ‘Koranic verses’
    ‘a competition in Koranic knowledge and recitation’
    • ‘At the age of four or five, the majority of children attend Koranic schools.’
    • ‘Sculpted wood and coral decorate niches, ceilings, and doors, featuring geometric or floral patterns and Koranic calligraphy.’
    • ‘After women believers started to protest that too many Koranic verses focused exclusively on male believers, more verses began to refer to women.’
    • ‘He took Koranic classes with the local sheikh in public school.’
    • ‘Vast numbers of people gathered around Bamba, a Koranic teacher to whom miraculous powers were attributed.’
    • ‘He aimed to reach the highest level of Koranic scholarship as a ‘hafiz’, one who has memorized the Koran.’
    • ‘Walimu masters, who are numerous in the countryside, may be Koranic instructors, healers, astrologists, and masters of the Muslim Rituals and Holy Places.’
    • ‘The Koranic history we teach provides ample examples of interreligious and international relationships.’
    • ‘In villages, rodad is performed to commemorate Prophet Muhammad's birthday, wedding parties, and mass recitations of Koranic verses.’
    • ‘Recordings of Koranic recitation are easily available today in most parts of the world where Muslims live.’



/kəˈränik/ /kəˈrɑnɪk/