Definition of kore in English:


nounplural noun korai/ˈkôrī/

  • An archaic Greek statue of a young woman, standing and clothed in long loose robes.

    ‘The principal difficulty of interpretation posed by the korai lies in the statues' presence - generic and anonymous.’
    • ‘But these korai were, in the end, statues made and commissioned by men - whose ideal of the domestic goddess has altered little over thousands of years.’
    • ‘Scholars have suggested that the purpose of statues such as the Peplos Kore and other korai (the plural form of the word) was to serve as votive offerings, perhaps in this case to the goddess Athena.’



/ˈkôrē/ /ˈkɔri/ /ˌkôrā/ /ˌkɔreɪ/


From Greek korē ‘maiden’.