Definition of korowai in English:



New Zealand
  • A Maori cloak decorated with flax tassels.

    ‘everyone has different reasons for wearing korowai on their graduation day’
    • ‘It was almost like a mirage approaching the urupa and seeing the group's sergeant on the horizon wearing a korowai.’
    • ‘That korowai in particular is difficult to store and very valuable.’
    • ‘We viewed both kakahu (clothing) and korowai (traditional cloaks) worn by rangatira (chiefs).’
    • ‘Moments earlier he was presented with a traditional, ceremonial coat, a korowai made of flax and kiwi feathers.’
    • ‘A korowai cloak made with kiwi feathers was draped around the shoulders of the 27-year-old when he arrived at the Supreme Court building.’
    • ‘Maories went wild with excitement when the Bishop presented first the Queen, then the Duke, with a korowai - a ceremonial cloak of fine flax fibre, with black tassles, signifying the highest order of chieftainship.’
    • ‘What might she be thinking in the picture below, as she is draped in a korowai at the conclusion of her valedictory speech?’
    • ‘Wearing a korowai in court, he eventually made his way into the dock.’
    • ‘Gorgeous woven korowai are adorned with feathers from kereru, peahen, pukeko and pheasant.’
    • ‘He is wearing the korowai, or cloak, that adorns great chiefs - and a piupiu, or flax skirt, that gently swayed in the breeze.’


Early 19th century Maori.