Definition of kudzu in English:


(also kudzu vine)

Pronunciation /ˈko͝odzo͞o/ /ˈkʊdzu/


  • A quick-growing eastern Asian climbing plant with reddish-purple flowers, used as a fodder crop and for erosion control. It has become a pest in the southeastern US.

    Pueraria lobata, family Leguminosae

    • ‘The scrub that borders the tracks is overgrown with kudzu, an imported plant that strangles the natives.’
    • ‘This is a lesson that Southern farmers would have done well to remember when they were planting kudzu in the thirties.’
    • ‘Of course, a plant could have too many survival skills - look at kudzu here in the South, for example.’
    • ‘Kate Peyser checked on the kudzu vine near the Scarsdale Railway Station.’
    • ‘But beyond the city limits, where the kudzu creeps over buildings and trees, the mood can turn darker.’
    • ‘Between them, live-oaks and kudzu grow in humped green walls.’
    • ‘An extract from the root of the notorious creeping vine, kudzu, may also prove helpful.’
    • ‘Other kudzu entrepreneurs make sculptures, bales for animal feed, kudzu cookbooks, kudzu soaps, and kudzu dyes for t-shirts.’
    • ‘Michael and I spent two days, sometimes on hands and knees, in a chigger-infested jungle of pine and kudzu seeking vestiges of the Gudger shack.’
    • ‘There, kudzu grows like a pole bean on steroids.’
    • ‘Being from Alabama, I could understand spending $10 million to stop the spread of the evil kudzu that is consuming the entire state.’
    • ‘A fungus from the sicklepod plant, Arabis canadensis, found in the south-eastern United States, effectively controls kudzu.’
    • ‘As for nonnative plant invaders, among the most infamous is kudzu, a fast-growing vine first introduced to the U.S. from Japan in the 1870s.’
    • ‘While in college, Manning, now 35, interned at a national park, where he noticed that kudzu and other nuisance plants were choking out native species.’
    • ‘Multiflora rose, kudzu, and oriental bittersweet are substantially less abundant in the coastal plain, where agriculture is extensively practiced.’
    • ‘Baskin points to Asian long-horned beetles, kudzu, zebra mussels, West Nile virus, spotted knapweed, and caulerpa seaweed as just a few culprits.’
    • ‘If I made baskets with all the kudzu in the South, everyone would have a hundred baskets.’
    • ‘Therefore, for the query regarding competitive ability, we answered ‘unknown’ for all species except kudzu.’
    • ‘During 1998, kudzu was included by legislators in the United States Congress on a growing list of invasive, exotic plants recognized under the Federal Noxious Weed Law.’
    • ‘In addition, kudzu ranked second-highest in terms of its potential impact on natural systems, because it is capable of overgrowing and decimating mature stands of trees.’


Late 19th century from Japanese kuzu.



/ˈko͝odzo͞o/ /ˈkʊdzu/