Definition of Kuiper belt in English:

Kuiper belt


  • A region of the solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune, believed to contain many comets, asteroids, and other small bodies made largely of ice.

    • ‘The objects in the Kuiper belt represent remnants from the formation of our solar system.’
    • ‘Scientists speculate that it could be a body from the distant Kuiper belt, way out in the outer solar system.’
    • ‘If Pluto were discovered today, it may not have been called a planet, because it is just one among a myriad of objects in the Kuiper belt.’
    • ‘The Kuiper belt is an icy asteroid belt just beyond Neptune.’
    • ‘For one thing, astronomers discovered the Kuiper belt, a teeming ensemble of miniature worlds within which Pluto orbits.’


1990s named after Gerard P. Kuiper (1905–73), Dutch-born US astronomer.


Kuiper belt

/ˈkʌɪpə bɛlt/