Definition of kukri in English:


Pronunciation /ˈko͝okrē/ /ˈkʊkri/


  • A curved knife broadening toward the point, used by Gurkhas.

    ‘He was about to cut his finger on the kukri he kept on his desk for the blood needed in the spell when he noticed something.’
    • ‘The kukri is a traditional Nepalese large knife, which is carried by Gurkha soldiers.’
    • ‘On her ankle was a slight bulge where she kept a kukri hidden.’
    • ‘And who can forget Jatayu in his film Sonar Kella brandishing a kukri?’
    • ‘Every year we received a polite note ‘for the record’ asking us to disarm our Gurkhas (they carried kukris) so as not to alarm the populace.’


Early 19th century from Nepali khukuri.



/ˈko͝okrē/ /ˈkʊkri/