Definition of Kultur in English:



  • German civilization and culture (sometimes used derogatorily to suggest elements of racism, authoritarianism, or militarism).

    ‘Such a challenge to German Kultur and administration sharpened German nationalism and began to transform it from a cosmopolitan into an exclusive kind.’
    • ‘The image of the German musician as a gifted and attractive man who knew how to express his feelings became a symbol for Germany's ubiquitous and attractive Kultur.’
    • ‘The authentic Kultur of the German people was surely to be preferred to the artificial Civilization of a cosmopolitan, materialistic French-speaking elite.’
    • ‘Traditionally, music has been instrumental to the shaping of German national identity and it loomed large as the centerpiece of German Kultur, much larger than painting ever did.’
    • ‘In contrast, German Kultur included knowledge, education, civilization, national genius and the arts (high culture) all of which expressed the national soul.’



/ko͝olˈto͝or/ /kʊlˈtʊr/


German, from Latin cultura or French culture (see culture).