Definition of kunzite in English:



  • A lilac-colored gem variety of spodumene which fluoresces or changes color when irradiated.

    ‘I visited Paolo Nercessian and obtained a photograph of him holding up an enormous etched gem crystal of kunzite, the spodumene variety that was then being found in quantity for the first time.’
    • ‘They are often associated with large crystals of kunzite, the lilac-colored variety of spodumene.’
    • ‘It discovered that the colors of several gem minerals - including pearl, sapphire, quartz, kunzite, and topaz - can be changed by the USPS irradiation method.’
    • ‘The mine also had the reputation of being a producer of fine crystals of morganite and kunzite.’
    • ‘Some of the gems, such as brazilianite (brasilianite in this book) and kunzite could have been given better coverage, but what is included is worthwhile.’



/ˈko͝ontsīt/ /ˈkʊntsaɪt/


Early 20th century from the name of George F. Kunz (1856–1932), American gemmologist, + -ite.