Definition of kura kaupapa in English:

kura kaupapa

nounkura kaupapa

New Zealand
  • A primary school in which Maori values are taught and Maori is the language of instruction.

    ‘kura kaupapa will benefit from a substantial increase in funding’
    • ‘Now 69, he teaches children at the local kura kaupapa.’
    • ‘The subject of the call was a kura kaupapa (Maori language primary school).’
    • ‘Another example is that my kura kaupapa have been waiting for 5 years to get our building.’
    • ‘Relocation, relocation, relocation - one of two kura kaupapa schools has to be given its marching orders’
    • ‘The Kura Kaupapa is one of the first total immersion Te Reo Maori schools in New Zealand and is the only one in the Wairarapa.’
    • ‘It may be that a shortage of teachers denied them places at kura kaupapa, and that their use of the language atrophied in higher education.’
    • ‘He talked about his wariness of the Maori language resurgence - he didn't put his children into kura kaupapa schools as he had a deep suspicion of the tradition that comes with it.’
    • ‘He is welcomed to the kura kaupapa in Whangarei yesterday for the Mana Party conference.’
    • ‘The pupils at Otaki School's kura kaupapa unit were upset with an angry reply from the Minister.’
    • ‘Some libraries are working closely with their local Kura Kaupapa to encourage whole classrooms to take on all eight challenges in Te Reo.’


1980s Maori kura ‘school’ + Maori kaupapa ‘policy, principle’.


kura kaupapa

/ˌkuːrə ˈkaʊpapə/