Definition of Kutenai in English:


(also Kutenay)

Pronunciation /ˈko͞otnˌā/ /ˈkutnˌeɪ/

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nounKutenai, Kutenais

  • 1A member of a North American people of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Idaho, and Montana.

    ‘The mythology and folklore of the Kutenai consist chiefly of cosmic and ethnic myths, animal tales, etc.’
    • ‘The Kutenai were located on Kootenay River and Lake and extended into the United States, occupying the northern parts of Montana and Idaho.’
    • ‘These favorable conditions lured, in Binnema's words, ‘migrants from every direction’ including the Black Feet, Gros Ventre, and Kutenai.’
  • 2The language of the Kutenai, of unknown affinity.

    • ‘Obviation is found in some American Indian languages including Algonquian (such as Blackfoot, Cree, and Fox), Apachean (such as Navajo), Eskimo, Keresan, and Kutenai.’


  • Relating to the Kutenai or their language.

    ‘The creative instinct of the Kutenai women found expression chiefly in cedar-root basketry.’
    • ‘The Kutenai tribe can be found in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and as far north as British Columbia, and Alberta.’
    • ‘Once the Kutenai men caught the fish, the children helped carry the fish from the canoes to the women who would clean and smoke or dry the fish.’


From Blackfoot Kotonáai-.