Definition of labium in English:


nounplural noun labia/-bēə/

  • 1Entomology
    A fused mouthpart which forms the floor of the mouth of an insect.

    ‘Biplica, in addition, lacks the strongly tubercled and denticulate labium of Eriptycha.’
    • ‘Insects close off the posterior of the mouth with a second ‘lip,’ the labium.’
    • ‘Several groups developed active predatory larvae, still showing the spoon-shaped labium.’
  • 2Botany
    The lower lip of the flower of a plant of the mint family.



/ˈlābēəm/ /ˈleɪbiəm/


Late 16th century (in the general sense ‘lip, liplike structure’): from Latin, ‘lip’; related to labrum.