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labor camp

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  • A prison camp in which a regime of hard labor is enforced.

    ‘These units also identify and assign new locations for future labour camps that comply to the regulations to be built.’
    • ‘In fact, right-wing complaints about the migratory labor camps operated by the Farm Security Administration led him to send Rothstein to the state in the first place.’
    • ‘The campaign by Canadian citizens and government workers appears to be having an effect inside the labour camps as well.’
    • ‘The Ohrdruf forced labor camp was a sub-camp of the huge Buchenwald camp.’
    • ‘Officials at the labor camp could not be reached for comment.’
    • ‘The Chief Minister, who had recently visited labour camps in the United Arab Emirates, said that the working conditions there were miserable.’
    • ‘Experts see this as a possible move ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing to abolish the labor camps in the country.’
    • ‘Outside, the propaganda on the labour camps sounds very good.’
    • ‘Writers who refused to change, such as Babel and Pilnyak, were executed or died in labour camps.’
    • ‘In the meantime the labour camps were full everywhere and our boys had their share.’
    • ‘Mr. Shi's time in the labour camp was prolonged many times, as they failed to force him into giving up his beliefs.’
    • ‘Torture, mistreatment, lack of international oversight have turned its prison labor camps into death traps’
    • ‘In theory, re-education camps and reform through labor camps are significantly different.’
    • ‘Zhang Yi-nan was assaulted at the Ping Ding Shan City labor camp on the first day of his two-year sentence.’
    • ‘This mass murder took place simultaneously in the forced labour camps on 3 and 4 November 1943.’
    • ‘We could see that the Jews were taken in groups from the labour camp to the training camp.’
    • ‘The prisoners were then reported to be sent to the labor camp by motor boat before the town's people awoke.’
    • ‘Meng Qinglin was detained many times without cause and was illegally detained in a labor camp three times.’
    • ‘Starting in the spring of 1940, large forced labor camps for Jews were constructed in occupied Poland.’
    • ‘The internees of correctional labour camps have been seen by the entire population when so employed.’


labor camp

/ˈlābər kamp/ /ˈleɪbər kæmp/