Definition of labor market in English:

labor market


  • The availability of employment and labor, in terms of supply and demand.

    ‘a diverse workforce in a tight labor market’
    • ‘The fortunes of working families rise and fall with conditions in the labor market.’
    • ‘In such a labor market, workers would enjoy the best of all possible economic worlds.’
    • ‘Throughout the year some workers may appear in the labor market and then withdraw.’
    • ‘Even tepid job growth means the labor market is tightening, albeit at a gradual pace.’
    • ‘This may be because higher wages induce more people to join the labor market and fewer people beg.’
    • ‘Further growth is likely to tighten up the labor market even beyond April's report.’
    • ‘Plus, the labor market may well be tightening faster than recent job data suggest.’
    • ‘The object of this analysis is to see if there is evidence of a skill shortage in the current labor market.’
    • ‘The tight labor market meant that workers in all wage groups earned more money.’
    • ‘Most production workers were newly recruited from the local labor market in Gunsan.’
    • ‘A healthy labor market and rising real wages are set to keep the economy humming.’
    • ‘Few things make consumers happier than knowing that the labor market is healthy.’
    • ‘The remaining urban segregated labor market limits migrant access to a variety of jobs.’
    • ‘When gauging a weak labor market, most economists look first at the unemployment rate.’
    • ‘He found that these workers are highly sought after and rewarded in today's labor market.’
    • ‘Plus, the labor market still has a long way to go before wages and prices begin to drive each other higher.’
    • ‘We also need to be willing to intervene in the labor market on the demand side, by helping to create new jobs.’
    • ‘In addition, this option provides no secure return on investment in a tight labor market.’
    • ‘Faced with few job prospects, people have dropped out of the labor market.’
    • ‘With the labor market that slack, there's no reason for companies to get into bidding wars for workers.’


labor market

/ˈlābər ˈmärkət/ /ˈleɪbər ˈmɑrkət/