Definition of labor pain in English:

labor pain


  • One of the recurrent pains felt by a woman during childbirth.

    Also called birth pang

    ‘she began having strong labor pains on Friday’
    • ‘I have to say that taking a shower was the best way for me to deal with my labor pain.’
    • ‘It is believed by Samoans to be a means of helping men appreciate the prolonged labor pains involved with childbirth.’
    • ‘As Izumi's labor pains came quicker, Dr. Chambers administered the epidural anesthesia.’
    • ‘By 1850, ether and chloroform were available to reduce labor pains.’
    • ‘They grip a wooden pole to cope with labor pains.’
    • ‘Pregnant women take Lamaze courses not because what they learn will quell their labor pains, but because knowing what to expect helps them to handle the pain.’
    • ‘One dreary February morning the labor pains began.’
    • ‘Archeological findings at an ancient site in Jerusalem suggest that marijuana was consumed to alleviate labor pains 1,600 years ago.’
    • ‘Mocha started moaning like she had labor pains.’
    • ‘These guideposts transformed my negative thoughts into useful work, the way Lamaze mothers learn to re-imagine labor pains as muscle contractions.’
    • ‘What activity could a player from the World Cup-winning French soccer team share with an alcoholic on the road to recovery and a woman peacefully controlling her labor pains?’
    • ‘So the pains my mother was feeling before were labor pains?’
    • ‘The site, known as The Pulse of Oriental Medicine, suggests that acupuncture is valuable in treating acute strokes, spinal cord injuries, labor pains, nausea after hysterectomy and smoking-cessation treatments.’
    • ‘Her due date had come and gone without an inkling of labor pains.’
    • ‘They had a host of injuries, from broken bones to premature labor pains.’
    • ‘But planning ahead can help to ease labor pains while you look forward to holding your baby in your arms.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, she felt labor pains and was rushed to the hospital.’
    • ‘The saga began when labor pains prematurely struck Lo's daughter, Teresa Lo, at her flat.’