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labor union

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  • An organized association of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests.

    British term trade union

    ‘Stunned by the closure order to 660 dyeing units here, political parties, trade bodies and labour unions have rallied behind the dyeing industry and appealed to the State and Central Governments to pull the industry out of the crisis.’
    • ‘The leaders of four big labour unions, grouping four million workers from Romania's main industries, reacted by pledging to go ahead with a two-hour nationwide stoppage planned on April 19, followed by an general strike one week later.’
    • ‘Hau recapped the history of the labour union, pointing out the various challenges members faced, including the impacts of the market economy, the re-arrangement of State enterprises, and employment demands.’
    • ‘At least one labour union is gearing up for a long fight with the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago.’
    • ‘In a move that might make some people scratch their heads, a loosely formed coalition of left-leaning bloggers are trying to band together to form a labor union they hope will help them receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining or even set professional standards.’
    • ‘Last week's declaration by Minister of Human Resources, the Hon Roy Bodden, that he would like to see labour unions in the Cayman Islands by 2009 probably came as a shock to many, local people, especially business owners.’
    • ‘I am currently studying labour unions, and I need to know some advantages and disadvantages of unions in general.’
    • ‘‘Moreover, the charter has ignored our petition for the protection of workers who take part in the formation of a labour union at their workplace,’ she said.’
    • ‘This labour union represents technicians, artisans and craftspersons in the entertainment industry, including live theatre, film and television production in the United States and Canada.’
    • ‘When labor unions educate and mobilize their members, they are very effective.’
    • ‘Recently headlines have appeared to the effect that ‘Multinationals resist the introduction of labour unions in China’.’
    • ‘It appears some left-wing political bloggers are trying to form a labor union in hopes they'll receive health insurance and better working standards.’
    • ‘Public Citizen is in a unique position to critique these proposals because for 25 years its Litigation Group has represented dissidents in labor unions to protect internal democracy.’
    • ‘That said, the power of labour unions in the Polish economy as a whole is decreasing; the mining sector is actually an exception to this general trend.’
    • ‘Some of the nation's largest labor unions and environmental groups are rallying around the idea that renewable energy sources will produce more domestic jobs.’
    • ‘Sweden is not only burdened by an extensive welfare system, but also by powerful labor unions that sometimes seem out of control.’
    • ‘Every year, thousands of students enrolled in college receive scholarships and grants from labor unions.’
    • ‘And they smashed every attempt by the workers, going back half a century, to form a labor union.’
    • ‘Compared to Europe labour unions and social dialogue in Latin America are still playing a minor role.’
    • ‘The Labor Day holiday as we know it grew out of the efforts of labor unions over a century ago.’


labor union

/ˈlābər ˈyo͞onyən/ /ˈleɪbər ˈjunjən/